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Do you want that day to be unforgettable?

Celebrains is a party architect with just one aim in mind:

to make your wedding, baby shower, anniversary, communion or spring festival a totally unforgettable day.

Surprise the birthday boy or girl!

A birthday is special. Because you only have one of them a year.

And then there are some birthdays that are even more special than others: 18, 21, all the multiples of 10, 65 and 75, and then don’t forget: 100.

Each individual birthday never comes round again, of course. So turn it into something special. Treat the birthday boy or girl like royalty, invite him or her to a special location and make sure there are plenty of good old friends on hand, even some who haven’t seen him or her for years…

Of course, you could always throw a party like that yourself. But chances are you don’t have the time to arrange it. Which is why you should let Celebrains organise it. We guarantee it’ll be the most successful birthday ever!

Children have birthdays, too

You probably enjoy your children’s or grandchildren’s birthdays best of all. So treat them to a theme party (cops and robbers!), a mini-circus (clowns, face-pullers and ventriloquists) or maybe an open-air party (bouncy castle, ball pool, cooking island).