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Do you want that day to be unforgettable?

Celebrains is a party architect with just one aim in mind:

to make your wedding, baby shower, anniversary, communion or spring festival a totally unforgettable day.

Send out a ‘save the date’ message

Notify all the guests you want to invite to the party about the date in plenty of time. You can do that by sending out a ‘save the date’ message as soon as the date has been set. There’s no need to give them any details yet about the what, where and how.

Set your budget

The first thing you need to do is set a budget for your party. And remember to set aside a contingency to cover any unforeseen expenses.

Make clear arrangements

Never forget that first and foremost this is YOUR day. While it is important to take the feelings of other people into account (especially your parents, if it’s a wedding), don’t be tempted to make choices that you do not fully agree with simply because your mother or mother-in-law would like it that way. Don’t just have the sort of wedding day that other people expect you to have – but rather the beautiful occasion both of you have dreamt of.

Collect addresses

As soon as you know there’s a party in the pipeline, start collecting the addresses of all the people you want to invite. Invitations should still be sent out through the post and in our modern society we often don’t know people’s postal addresses any more, but just their mobile numbers and e-mail addresses. So the sooner you start collecting those addresses, the more you’ll be able to save yourself stress afterwards

Always take good care of your hair for the day

Ask your hairdresser whether he or she can come and do your hair at your home on the day. That is usually far easier and more relaxing than if you have to go to the salon first. Ask as far as possible in advance, because most weddings are held on Saturdays and that is usually the busiest day of the week for hairdressers.

Ask people to switch off their mobile phones

As the ceremony is about to begin, ask your guests discreetly to switch off their mobile phones.