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Do you want that day to be unforgettable?

Celebrains is a party architect with just one aim in mind:

to make your wedding, baby shower, anniversary, communion or spring festival a totally unforgettable day.

Anniversary: celebrating all those years together!

Do you have a wedding anniversary to celebrate? For yourself or your parents? Let the day develop into a festive celebration of all those years together. Something that young and old can enjoy. Everyone at their own pace and in a setting they’ll love.

An anniversary often brings together several generations. And often the people having the anniversary are the last to find out – and sometimes not at all – that a party is being planned for them. This means that discretion, clear-cut arrangements and short lines of communication are essential. Celebrains likes to operate in the background, coordinating everything and pulling all the threads together to create a real success.

From concept to the real thing

Once you have briefed us, Celebrains will create a concept for you that fits in seamlessly with the style of the people whose anniversary you are planning. It may be the style of yesteryear or something more modern – it’s totally up to you. The location, the programme, the guests, etc. – Celebrains will put on a day that is totally unforgettable, from A to Z.