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Do you want that day to be unforgettable?

Celebrains is a party architect with just one aim in mind:

to make your wedding, baby shower, anniversary, communion or spring festival a totally unforgettable day.

Does that mean I’ll have nothing else to do?

Yes and no – it’s up to you to decide on the level of your involvement. We can take everything out of your hands, but the final decisions always remain with you. After all – it’s YOUR day we’re talking about!

Does a party architect mean it costs more?

Not necessarily. Because we have such a good relationship with our suppliers, we are always able to negotiate the best price for you. Trying to do that as a private individual is a good deal more difficult. So we can save you time as well as money.

Do we also need to have a master-of-ceremonies?

You, you don’t. But we will be happy to handle everything for you, if you like.

Can we also use our own photographer, DJ, florist, reception room, etc.?

We recommend you use our suppliers, because we are sure of the quality they provide. But if you really want to, you can of course always use your own suppliers.

Help! I don’t know the right sequence everyone should sit at the table in!

Don’t worry. We’ll put together a table seating plan with you. We take account of all the necessary etiquette and your own wishes so that everyone is happy with where they’re sitting.

We are not religious, but we would sill like a proper ceremony. Is that possible?

Of course – there are different alternatives for every occasion. Simply contact us and we will ensure that you have the right ceremony for your wedding, anniversary, birth, civil union, etc.